Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Review


Moonrise Kingdom was enchanting and lovely, but strangely juxtaposed with a serious atmosphere of two mentally troubled children as protagonists. Directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, it was almost slightly Dr Seuss-ish aesthetically with the bold block colours. Uncomfortable in places (I found it more than a little troubling to watch 12 year olds kissing and talking about erections in their underwear), quirky and pretty unpredictable in how funny it was. Unexpectedly violent at times, but humorously so.

Did everyone act well? I suppose so, yes, in a strangely monotonous way (bar Edward Norton). The cinematography and artistic elements were carefully and beautifully executed, as I'd heard they were. Particularly the scenery and the weather.But I did find the setting claustrophobic and oppressive at the same time in how tight knit the community was. Despite how idyllic everywhere looks, you wanted them to get away…

I also liked the ‘Coping With the Very Troubled Child’ book shot. Special mention to the kitten, I couldn’t control myself squealing when it came on screen. Some parts were surreal and made no sense (particularly the lightning teleportation), but I'm so pleased that no one died and nothing unpleasant happened to the kitten.

The soundtrack was amazing, particularly the main theme/score. Also, I found this film very inspirational for friendships/possibly future relationships… running away on adventures through forests and being artsy with people is the best. I have a real hankering to paint watercolours, put flowers in peoples' hair and send secret letters after seeing it.

As a film it was recommended as being cute, artsy, uplifting, and it definitely fit the bill.

Overall rating: 8/10
Reviewed by Abigail Lewis.

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